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A trademark provides a way of distinguishing the origin of goods/services. A trade name may be the name under which an organization or individual behaviors business. A logo is a device, shape or outline which could possibly, incorporate a saying. It gives a distinctive of origin for goods or services.

A prominent trademark could be an organization’s most valuable asset and trademark registrations can keep going uncertainly.

A trademark can act as a guarantee both of value and the wellspring of products or services.



Tiger Intellectual provides professional advice and expertise on all kinds of matters in connection to trademark, including trademark filing, trademark registration, trademark renewal,  trademark advise, trademark watching, trademark opposition, trademark counter-statement, trademark promotion or branding, trademark strategies, trademark commercialization, trademark management.

Registration of a trademark provides the proprietor with the means to protect its brand name and prevent copying and imitation.
Trade marks are not registrable if there:

  • Describe your goods or services or any characteristics of them, for example, marks which indicate the quality, amount, reason, esteem or geographical origin of your goods or services.
  • Have become customary in your line of exchange.
  • Are not unique.
  • Are three dimensional shapes, if the shape is run of the mill of the goods you are interested by (or some piece of them), has a capacity or increases the value of the goods.
  • Are offensive.
  • Are illegal, for example, promoting illegal drugs.
  • Are misleading. There ought to be nothing in the mark which might lead public to feel that your goods and services have a quality which they don’t.
  • Are uniquely protected emblems.
  • Armorial heading.
  • Flags and other State symbols.
  • Authority signs.
  • Hallmarks.
  • Other symbols.
  • Abbreviations and names of international inter-governmental  associations.