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You may be intrigued by beginning another business, extending an existing business (growing your region or the way of business) or enhancing the nature of the goods or services of your SME and along these lines its market position. In many situation, authorizing of Intellectual Property Rights [IPR] is a viable instrument for accomplishing these business objectives.


A licensing agreement is an association between an IPR owner (licensor) and an alternate who is approved to use such rights (licensee) in return for a concurred payment (royalty fee or sovereignty).


A variety of such licensing agreements are accessible, which may be comprehensively categorized as follows:

In practice, all or some of these agreements regularly structure a piece of one single contract following in exchanges of this nature numerous rights are included and not basically one kind of IPR. You might additionally go over licensing agreements in different circumstances, for example, throughout a merger or procurement, or sometime during arranging a joint venture.

These instruments either on their own or in consolidation will give your SME, as a licensor or licensee, a wide mixture of conceivable outcomes in directing business in your own particular nation or somewhere else. As a IPR owner and a licensor, your SME can grow its business to the frontiers of your partners’ business and ensure an enduring stream of extra income or profit. As a licensee, your SME can make, offer, import, export, distribute and market different goods or services which it may be kept from finishing overall.

In the global setting, a formal licensing agreement is conceivable just if the IPR you wish to permit is additionally ensured in the other nation or nations of enthusiasm to you. On the off chance that your IPR is not protected in such other nation or nations then you might not have the ability to license it, as well as you might have no lawful right to put any limitation on its use by any other individual.